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Anstellar focuses on satellite communication products and system integration industry by virtue of its tremendous technology strength and advanced production capacity. After 16 yearsí» development, it has acquired remarkable achievements in satellite communication field. Besides VSAT and ESA satellite communication antenna, the company has developed and researched the high quality Flyaway antenna which is adopting the latest Carbon Fiber materials; it is a prominent revolution contrast to the traditional antenna which is heavy and inconvenience. Currently, the Carbon Fiber Flyaway antenna of Anstellar has been applied in many fields such as Petroleum, emergency communication, exploration outdoor and military etc.   The flyaway antenna is composed of Carbon fiber reflector, heavy caliber ripple horn, azimuth, elevation rotary table and supporting legs. This antenna is characterized by simple design, light weight, easy unfold, portable etc.; the reflector is composed of 6 pieces or 4 pieces, one person can complete the installation in 5minutes independently. In addition, it has High G/T, Low side lobe, Excellent Pattern characteristic; it is used for outdoor design, and it can complete the communication fast and reliably in anywhere, its excellent characteristic meets or exceeds CCIR 580-4 and INTELSAT requirements.

  Flyaway Antenna Sizes Available:

2.4M C/ku Flyaway AntennaúĘcarbon fiber)
2.4M C/ku Flyaway An
2.4M C/ku Flyaway Antenna(Aluminum)
2.4M C/ku Flyaway An
1.8M C/Ku band Flyaway Antenna(Carbon fiber)
1.8M C/Ku band Flyaw
1.8M C/Ku band Flyaway Antenna(Aluminum)
1.8M C/Ku band Flyaw
1.2M Ku band Flyaway Antenna(Carbon fiber)
1.2M Ku band Flyaway
1.2M Auto-flyaway Antenna( Carbon fiber)
1.2M Auto-flyaway An
1.0M Auto-flyaway Antenna( Carbon fiber)
1.0M Auto-flyaway An
0.6m-1.8m Ka band Manual Flyaway Antenna
0.6m-1.8m Ka band Ma
1.0M Ku band Flyaway Antenna(Carbon fiber)
1.0M Ku band Flyaway
1.2M Ku band Flyaway Antenna(Aluminum)
1.2M Ku band Flyaway
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