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Anstellar company has engaged in satellite communication industry for several years. With the powerful technical background producing the satellite communication antenna and the microwave communication antenna, Anstellar can meet various demands of the customers to support the development of their projects.  We can provide various top-quality antenna accessories, such as duplexer(c band,ku band,ka band,DBS band etc.)úČwaveguideúČWaveguide Dehydrator, antenna servo systems, and some other products, in addition, we can produce the customerized products.

  Antenna accessories products Sizes Available:

Beacon Receiver
Beacon Receiver
Antenna Controller
Antenna Controller
2-port Ku band Diplexers
2-port Ku band Diple
2-prot C band Diplexers
2-prot C band Diplex
4-port Ku band Diplexers
4-port Ku band Diple
4-port C band Diplexers
4-port C band Diplex
DBS band Diplexer
DBS band Diplexer
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