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Anstellar focuses on satellite communication products and system integration industry by virtue of its tremendous technology strength and advanced production capacity. After 16 years' development, it has acquired remarkable achievements in satellite communication field. Owing to the high quality, superior performance and reasonable price, the VSAT satellite communication antenna has been applied widely in many major fields such as petroleum, communication, finance and military etc.


The products of VSAT/Earth station has a distinct characteristic with simple structure design and easy installation; the major parts of the antenna is hot-dip galvanizing, and the other accessories are all made of stainless steel, so it can improve the durability and anticorrosion, the durability can be last over 18 years; The reflector is made of superior aluminum alloy which is pressed, the surface accuracy can be less than 0.4mm when the reflector is assembled completely; the sub-reflector is pressed with the precision mould; the feed system is designed by the microwave expert. All of the products must be testing and debugging strictly before the delivery to make sure the excellent electric characteristic, reliable mechanical properties and good environments.


The VSAT manufactured by Anstellar with High G/T, lower side lobe, Excellent Pattern Characteristics, Meets or Exceeds CCIR 580-4 and INTELSAT Requirements. It is approved to access the network of the following satellite company: INTELSAT, ASIASAT, SINOSAT, APT and CHINA SATCOM.


Anstellar does not only owe the antenna operating on C and Ku band, but also manufactures the high class VSAT antenna products which are operating on some special frequency bands such as S, X, L, S/L band etc.


  Vsat/Earth station Antenna Sizes Available:

2.4M C/Ku band VSAT Antenna
2.4M C/Ku band VSAT
3.0M C/Ku band VSAT Antenna
3.0M C/Ku band VSAT
3.7M C/Ku band VSAT Antenna
3.7M C/Ku band VSAT
4.5M C/Ku band Earth Station Antenna
4.5M C/Ku band Earth
6.2M C/Ku band Earth Station Antenna
6.2M C/Ku band Earth
7.3M C/Ku band Earth Station Antenna
7.3M C/Ku band Earth
9.0M C/Ku band Earth Station Antenna
9.0M C/Ku band Earth
11.3M C/Ku band Earth Station Antenna
11.3M C/Ku band Eart
5.3M C/Ku band Earth Station Antenna
5.3M C/Ku band Earth
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